Latest Technology Used

V1 Pro HD: Golf Teaching Software

V1 Pro HD is the most powerful video analysis and golf teaching software on the market for live video capture, swing analysis, and lesson creation and delivery. 

Live-stream and capture swings with up to eight high definition, high frame rate, low light cameras. V1 Pro HD features more than 30 analysis and drawing tools to assist you in providing objective visual feedback to your students.

Improve From the Ground Up

The V1 Sports Pressure Mat powered by BodiTrak is the world's most powerful and portable solution to measure pressure, velocity, and dynamic force throughout the golf swing. The pressure mat also integrates seamlessly with V1 Pro to provide immediate data and video feedback.

Foresight Golf Simulator

We also have a state of the art simulator supporting GC2 with HMT.

The HMT device measures dynamic loft and lie, location of the ball impacting the club head, swing path and clubface angle. These measurements provide an even more accurate custom fitting.